Most of the proceeds from the Lincoln Knights' Trail auction, and donations through the trail, will be going to The Nomad Trust.

The Nomad Trust serves the homeless community of Lincoln and provides emergency accommodation for those who would otherwise be sleeping on the streets. In 2013 the Trust joined with YMCA Lincolnshire and together they are seeking to develop new accommodation to replace their current facility, which is not suitable to meet all of the current needs, and a Day Centre.

The current emergency accommodation is a series of five rooms which house up to twenty-one homeless people each night. As the Trust does not have the facilities, those who stay at the centre have to leave during the day. This can mean spending up to twelve hours each day wandering around the city.

Subject to funding, the new accommodation will have sixteen units of emergency accommodation to support those who find themselves homeless. There are an additional forty units of move-on accommodation.

The Nomad Trust envisage the new centre will have day services and will be able to provide information, advice and guidance along with education and job search giving those who are homeless somewhere to go during the day.

Further information about the Trust can be found on the Nomad Trust website.

The Proceeds

Two-thirds of the money raised from the Lincoln Knights’ Auction will be presented to the YMCA and will be put into a restricted fund for the new build project. The remaining third of the proceeds will be put into an Art and Innovation Fund for the City of Lincoln.