32 - Knight Music

Inspired by Bonnie Tyler’s 1984 hit ”Holding Out for a Hero’, Knight Music is a true “white knight upon a fiery steed”! Musically inspired by hero/heroine-esque songs from the 1960s onwards, he joyously gallops through Lincolnshire’s countryside - leaving a fiery trail in his wake - to help anyone calling him in need.

By Valerie Osment

Valerie Osment is a professional visual artist based in Essex whose work includes art commissions for the public and private sectors. With a degree in illustration and graphic design, her work encompasses multiple mediums and visual art forms to create site and purpose specific pieces in 2D and 3D form. Specialisms in arts education, participatory arts engagement and interpretation work have seen Valerie undertake numerous high profile public art projects, residencies and commissions for a wide range of clients, thus developing a deserved reputation for her distinctive versatile creativity and illustrative style.