24 - Paint, Print, Publish & Play

The Paint, Print, Publish & Play Knight was inspired by the Lincolnshire jewel that is Ruddocks. From its beginnings producing ledgers and selling books to its contribution to our city today. Taking the form of supplies for artist/students, traditional and modern day toys, hobbie magazines you can find nowhere else to a traditional tea room with a rooting in family. They are also responsible for major design and print commissions both here and overseas. To me Ruddocks represents Lincolnshire to a tee. A traditional village feel with the success of a progressive and modern day city.

By Joanne Botterill

Joanne attended De Montford University in Lincoln studying illustration and graphic design.  After a career in marketing she is now working as a part-time nail artist - specialising in miniature paintings - from her village of Wragby where hse lives with her husband and two sons.  Joanne enjoys a love of fashion, sewing, poetry and indeed, all forms of art.  She regularly takes commissions ranging from portraiture to custom made costumes.