35 - The Golden Knight

Seeing the Lincoln Knight sculpture for the first time, I felt its sophisticated style and architectural form looked preciously symbolic to a time where art was an important part of the ancient world of Egyptian Culture. So the period inspired the actual colour pallet and the use of hieroglyphics, which seemed an ideal vehicle to contain trade symbols to represent ‘The Central Market’ Independent traders/crafts their products and all good things in this close community of Lincoln. Plus, the Egyptian theme ties nicely into the Lincolnshire Poacher Regiment with its very distinct Egyptian sphinx logo with its strong Lincolnshire connection.

By Peter Segasby

Peter was one of Lincoln’s successful artists in 2015’ painting EUSTACE DE VESCI  Baron - No 21 for the Lincoln Baron Trail. He graduated 1973 from Lincoln College of Art, which followed in a prosperous international career in graphic design. Peter’s busy most days painting beautiful landscapes and portraits in his studio at Branston. He’s currently creating some new and exciting work for an exhibition at Sam Scorers Gallery Lincoln in early October 2017 and will be sharing space with his good friend and international ceramic artist Peter Moss.