15 - The Spirit of Lincoln

My design was to commemorate too of the most famous aircraft, the Vulcan and Lincoln Bomber, that operated from the Lincoln bases of Scampton and Waddington. The design also pays respect to the memory of the brave souls that flew in them, it depicts the new Lincoln memorial and the knight is painted to represent a pilot, The Knight of the Skies. The main body of the design also has areas to look like removed aircraft panels showing the usually hidden details of equipment and workings of the equally unseen many tradesmen and women that maintained the amazing aircraft.

By Mik Richardson

Mik is a Norfolk based ex serviceman and had run his own mural, design art business since leaving the RAF in 2006. Mik has been fortunate to be involved with many of the sculpture trails around the country and produced 41 to date raising £173,000 for charity on their auction.